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Bike-Inspired Beer : SEA Table Beer

Introducing SEA Table Beer, brewed to pair with TEAGUE x Sizemore Bicycle’s yet-to-be-revealed bike design and the city that inspired it. 

Deschutes brewer, Jason Barbee’s inspiration:  “Seattle’s ‘live and let live’ attitude required a versatile, everyday beer that utilizes a modern take on an heirloom beer style. This Belgian-Style Table Beer is light bodied, elegant and crisp, welcoming your taste buds to sit back and enjoy the subtle nuances that play out over your palate.”


TEAGUE + Sizemore Bicycle’s inspiration: “In Seattle the old adage goes, ‘if you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes’. But it’s not just the weather that is unpredictable in Seattle. So we crafted an elegant and subtle bike design that has the integrated flexibility to respond to the changing whims of our quirky city and it’s residents. No longer will you need to worry about the hills, rain or impromptu ‘farmers market’ trip. Now you have the freedom to just enjoy the quirky sights and sounds of our beautiful city!”

ABV:  4.0%  |  IBUs:  17
Hops:  Styrian, Saaz
Malt:  Pilsner, Wheat, Spelt Acidulated
Yeast:  Belgian Ardennes

Experience this beer for yourself and see the bike that inspired it at our SEA reveal party on July 25!

Beer label design by TEAGUE.