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Community Cycling Center’s Create a Commuter Program

Our bike advocacy partner in Portland is the super-powered Community Cycling Center. Founded in 1994, the organization works to broaden access to bicycling and its benefits.Of their many innovative programs, our favorite might be Create a Commuter – the first of its kind in the nation.

Create a Commuter provides adults living on low incomes who are enrolled in comprehensive employment programs with a commuter bike complete with lights, lock, helmet, rack, and tools. To receive the bike, each participant completes five hours of safe commuting and bike maintenance training at their employment agency. This groundbreaking program offers participants a flexible solution to meet their transportation needs, reducing barriers to work while promoting healthy activity.

To date, they have provided bicycles and education to over 2,300 adults throughout the Portland Metro area!

Find out more – and consider volunteering if you live in PDX.