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Introducing Bike-Inspired Beers from Deschutes Brewery!

Bikes! Beer! Brew-liciousness! Ladies and gentleman, ready your pint glasses because our friends at Deschutes Brewery have officially combined the Ultimate Beverage with the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike to create a special run of five Bike Design Project beers. Working closely with our five design teams – and taking cues from their bike designs and the cycling-centric city in which they were inspired – the brewing masters at Deschutes have crafted a unique custom beer style to pair with each team’s bike design.

“This was a really interesting and fun process to work with the design teams,” says Ben Kehs, assistant brewmaster for Deschutes, “They all had their own unique style and approach to The Bike Design Project. We asked questions like ‘if this bike were a beer, what style of beer would it be?’ all the way to requesting a list of specific adjectives that the teams would use to describe their design. We are excited to pour the beers and show everyone what we came up with.”

Does a beer exist without a label?  We think not. Completing the design circle, The Bike Design Project teams have each created a custom label for their paired beer.

Lucky bike and beer lovers can experience these small batch beers at the reveal parties in each city on July 25.  Each batch will be brewed in-house at Deschutes Brewery pubs in Portland and Bend, Oregon. Our special guest, Captain Lawrence Brewery, is brewing the beer for the NYC team. Stay tuned as we introduce these custom beers in the weeks ahead!