John Mabry  :  Prototyping, design
Clement Gallois  :  Design
Oliver Mueller   :  Design
Mike Charles  :  Design
Kay Kim  :  Design

Sizemore Bicycle

Taylor Sizemore  :  Design, fabrication


Founded in 1926 by design pioneer Walter Dorwin Teague, TEAGUE is the original design consultancy. As proof, our portfolio spans many firsts: the Polaroid camera, the UPS truck, Texaco-branded service stations, the Pringles canister and the Xbox. Along the way, we’ve designed the interior of every Boeing commercial airplane ever produced—including the revolutionary 787 Dreamliner.

At TEAGUE we make things—whether they’re products, services or experiences. We do this through interdisciplinary teams of industrial designers, interaction designers, researchers, strategists, engineers and other talents spanning everything from branding to robotics. This imperative to make things is driven by our belief in connecting strategy with execution. We call this approach “thinking through making,” and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

About Sizemore Bicycle

The first time Taylor Sizemore rode a bike without training wheels he ran into the side of an Econoline van; the second time, he tried to do a wheelie and still has the scar to prove it. After that he was hooked—which naturally led to the formation of Sizemore Bicycle, Taylor’s one-man shop located in the heart of Seattle’s creative Fremont neighborhood.

Sizemore’s sweet spot is the everyday bike, Taylor’s favorite type to build. His everyday bikes are for cycling enthusiasts who want a custom bicycle that corresponds just as much to the way they live as it does to the way they ride. Sizemore Bicycle is an independent custom bike shop that’s been dedicated to quality and craftsmanship since 2008.