Oregon Manifest believes that bikes make the world a better place—for everyone.

We exist to celebrate and amplify bike craft, design and innovation. We believe that real innovation happens in workshops, garages, design houses and schools. We value the process of making, the spirit of ingenuity and the passion of brave undertakings.

We are a non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

Diane Chalmers, Chris King Precision Components
Bob Davis, Lizard Lounge
Joseph Eckhardt, Stoel Rives
Shannon Holt, Grey Matter
David Lowe-Rogstad, Substance
Steve McCallion, Chrome Industries


Jody Turner, Culture of Future
Ron Sutphin, United Bicycle Institute
Patti Lord


Jocelyn SyCip, Director   :   503 956.4071 :   jocelyn [at] oregonmanifest [dot] com
Gina Garnero-Hill, Development   :   503 515.1940 :   gina [at] oregonmanifest [dot] com