The Constructor’s Design Challenge Winners

Best of Show: Tony Pereira, Pereira Cycles

We’re delighted to congratulate Tony Pereira of Pereira Cycles on his Best of Show award.  Tony’s bike - centered around an electric pedaling assist — was specifically designed to get people out of cars, introducing amenities that drivers have grown accustomed to on the road;  stereo, locking storage, stable loading and a huge dose of Fun Factor.

Second Place: Rob Tsunehiro, Tsunehiro Cyles and Silas Beebe, ID+

Taking second place was Rob Tsunehiro of Tsunehiro Cyles and Silas Beebe of ID+, a collaboration team which brought a beautifully realized, convenience-laden approach to the competition.  Their entry featured an easily attachable/removable seat option, cargo straps for simple, on-the-fly load carrying, Halo Coatings patented retro-reflective powdercoat to make the entire frame reflective at night and an elegant u-lock integration into the front rack support tubes.  Their collaborator, Blaq Design created an ingenious pannier with electro luminescence strips sewn in for enhanced rear visibility at night.

Third Place: Cielo by Chris King

Cielo by Chris King offered us a number of nice solutions to the design criteria, with strutless fenders, twin top tube that conveniently holds a u-lock and pump, a universal light mount that can accommodate any off-the-shelf light, an internal cable system that protects the saddle from theft, and coutoured saddle bags from their collaborator, Truce, offering expandable storage, a proprietary mounting system, and a nice streamlined silhouette.

Student Winner: University of Oregon

The students of University of Oregon wowed the judges with their clever campus bike - a versatile bike designed for student life. Their themes of modularity, simplicity, and integration were spotlighted in many interesting solutions, including a retractable kick-stand that hid inside the frame, and the option to allow students to customize the bike with removable frame inserts and matching grips and pedals.  As judge Tinker Hatfield noted “The U of O bike came in with a naïve, fresh, creative approach. They weren’t locked in to a traditional version of a bike. There were more beautiful bikes out there, but theirs was fresh – the future.”

Honorable Mention: John Cutter, Cutter Designs

John Cutter’s thoughtful entry was marked by a very sensible one-key system for panniers, cable lock, pump, wheels and lights; a widely-admired center stand with integrated front wheel brace for ease of loading cargo, and multiple loading points to allow even weight distribution.

Honorable Mention: Joshua Muir, Frances.

A crowd favorite, Frances’ mixte design offered a handsome easy-access open cargo platform with tie downs, removable canvas bag, rain fly and pockets. The proprietary cable steering (also utilized in another entry) drew some great commentary.

Huge thanks to each of our entrants for bringing their best, most innovation solutions to the Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge.

See the entire gallery of entrant bikes here.