The Workshop

Bike-Inspired Beer : SF Amber Ale

Introducing SF Amber Ale, brewed to pair with Huge Design x 4130 Cycle Works’ yet-to-be-revealed bike design and the city that inspired it.

Deschutes brewer, Ben Kehs’ inspiration: “Inspired by the history and diversity of San Francisco we brewed an adaptation of the California Common Ale with Cascade, Northern Brewer and Crystal hops. Loaded with flavor this sessionable amber ale can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere the ultimate commuter bike will take you.”

Huge Design + 4130 Cycle Works’ inspiration: “Our solution has the flexibility necessary to tackle the diverse environment and lifestyle of San Francisco bicycle commuters. We set out to address not only the work commute but also utility and recreation. Our bike is simple yet incredibly capable, offering the rider access to all the city has to offer and beyond.”

ABV:  5.0%  |  IBUs:  32
Hops:  Cascade, Northern Brewer, Crystal
Malt:  2 Row, Munich, C-60,Victory, Chocolate

Experience this beer for yourself and see the bike that inspired it at our SF reveal party on July 25!

Beer label design by Huge Design.