John Cutter

San Luis Obispo, California



  • Multiple loading points for even cargo weight distribution.
  • One-key locking system for panniers, cable lock, pump, wheels and lights.
  • Center stand with integrated front wheel brace.
  • Head tube mounted rack with integrated cable lock.
  • Modified grocery panniers for improved weight distribution and reduced wind resistance.
  • Handlebar design blends urban and road riding positions.
  • Low stand-over frame design with “up-tube” for enhanced load stress resistance.



John Cutter is a self-taught bike builder from San Luis Obispo, California, who has worked as a designer and builder of packs, tents and bicycles since 1978. In that time he has worked for multiple companies in the outdoor and bicycle industry.

Like many of his peers in the industry, John feels that frame building is a logical outlet for anyone who needs to create something tangible – that if you happen to be “born” with a need to create something tangible, then perhaps you are born with an advantage for building bicycles. Designing is not enough for him; to design and not build would never confirm the validity of a design. Beyond that, he thinks it’s a necessity for a bike builder to possess a good hand/mind connection and a desire to never compromise.

Another thing he may share with his peers in the one-man-shop approach to bike building: He knows exactly how many bikes he’s built. So far, it’s 249.