New York City


Mark Prommel  :  Design
Kathy Larchian  :  Design
Peter Chung  :  Design
Lisa Yanz Lehman  :  Design
Kevin O’Leary  :  Design
Matt Kalish  :  Design
Avi Bajpai  :  Engineering
Otis Poisson  :  Engineering
Thomas Mattimore  :  Engineering

Horse Cycles

Thomas Callahan  :  Design, fabrication

About Pensa

Pensa was founded in 2005, born out of love and determination to improve quality of life through better products and better business choices. We believe great design can deliver experiences that don’t force a compromise on value, the environment or social impact.

Marco Perry, Kathy Larchian and Mark Prommel lead Pensa’s creative team and have worked together since 1999. We maintain a boutique size because we believe it allows us to focus on our team, our clients and our passion for solving problems.

Pensa believes the world can be continuously improved through great design and a bit of clever invention. Many products today are incomplete solutions, complex contraptions, forgotten cheap commodities or accepted nuisances, and we can’t help but try to fix them. We love to design solutions by implementing new technologies, synthesizing complex systems and re-designing often overlooked everyday household objects. Making product experiences simple, elegant and delightful is deceivingly difficult; it takes dedication and passion to protect a vision.

The Pensa team is inquisitive, empathetic and engaging by nature. This leads us to tackle a diverse range of projects such as Street Charge, our public solar charging station, D.I.Wire, the first desktop CNC wire bender, mobile phones for Samsung, future technology concepts for Panasonic and Pepsi, an entirely new brand of tools for Mr. LongArm, and a strategy to make the workplace more age-friendly for the New York Academy of Medicine.

About Horse Cycles

Horse Cycles produces precision handmade bicycles out of Brooklyn, New York. Each bike is designed and built by Thomas Callahan in his Brooklyn workshop, where the idea of quality is always present. Horse Cycles are made in the USA – made with heart for the riders who love them.

Thomas Callahan started Horse Cycles – a custom-made bike shop – because he was obsessed. “When I started making the bikes, I just had no control over it. I was so excited. I couldn’t sleep at night.” Callahan, who has a background in fine arts, started handcrafting bikes at a time when his career as an artist was leaving him unfulfilled. “I needed something where I could make a connection with other people. It’s like playing music by yourself or playing with a group of people, it’s all just multiplied when you have positive relationships and are interacting with the whole community.”

The passion Callahan felt when he started his shop is in evidence years later as he talks about the newest endeavor for Horse Cycles, the Urban Tour Project. The frame’s elegance lies in its simplicity and its attention to detail. Although this will be Horse Cycle’s first bike not made start to finish by Callahan’s capable hands, his influence is evident in the prototype’s beauty.