San Francisco

HUGE Design

Chris Harsacky  :  Design lead, creative direction
Bill Webb  :  Creative direction
Rob Swinton  :  Design
Quinn Fitzgerald  :  Design
Jae Lee  :  Design
Ryoji Takahashi  :  Design
Dan Wodarcyk  :  Design
Cyril Mathieu  :  Design
Tim Zarki  :  Design
James Kwon  : Design

4130 Cycle Works

Tom Schoeniger  :  Build lead
Tom James  :  ME lead, fabrication

About HUGE Design

HUGE Design combines cultural insights, professional intuition and a no-nonsense approach to create award-winning products and experiences. Partners Bill Webb and Chris Harsacky left their creative leadership positions at Astro Studios, founding HUGE in the summer of 2010. Since its inception, HUGE has had the privilege of collaborating with industry giants such as Samsung, Microsoft, Nike, Google and HP while collaborating with younger companies Sonos and GoPro.

Our approach leverages a lean process stripped of fluff and driven by a results-oriented attitude toward problem-solving. As many other industrial design firms seek to expand their capabilities into halo services such as branding and marketing, our focus on product design is clear and uncompromised.

Located in the Potrero Hill district of San Francisco, a small open-air studio acts as a pressure cooker for fresh ideas. Designers at HUGE live and breathe the culture and lifestyle of their high-tech city and are united by a shared passion for the old-school craft of making real things… really cool. HUGE has proved through hard work and determination that a small yet talented team can generate big results in a crowded field of world-class Bay Area creative consultancies.

About 4130 Cycle Works

Tom Schoeniger has been deep inside bicycle fabrication since 1989, learning from some of the most storied first-generation California frame builders. His experience spans working with small boutique builders to the largest bicycle frame fabricator on the West Coast.

After a foray into aircraft frame fabrication, Tom returned to bicycle building through his instructor position in the industrial design department at a design university in San Francisco – teaching product and transportation design students to design and fabricate a bicycle frame from scratch.

In 2008 he started 4130 Cycle Works, specializing in classic-looking bicycles made with the highest-quality, modern materials, but fabricated using 100-year-old silver-soldered, lugged construction.

About PCH Lime Lab - Team Collaborator

Our passion is making. Our expertise is engineering. PCH Lime Lab helps companies get to market on time with the right product. The company is known for its design, engineering and technical talent, and state-of-the-art prototyping facility in Potrero Hill, San Francisco.

Lime Lab is partnering with the SF Team, providing engineering talent and the fabrication facility to create the SF bike.