The Workshop

The City Helmet Series : CHI

Introducing the final helmet in our City Helmet Series, collaboration with the artists of ARTCRANK. Each helmet is a one-of-kind, hand-painted design created exclusively for The Bike Design Project.


CHI-based Justin Nottke is a designer, illustrator, screen printer, videographer, and proud mustache supporter from the Midwest. When he’s not working as a graphic designer for an event production company, Justin takes on as many freelance projects as possible. For the most part, projects involve work with musicians; including video, graphic and web design.

“My approach was to keep the design simple, but reflect how popular bike riding is in Chicago. Since moving here in 2010, I constantly see a variety of people out and riding their bikes. So I wanted to embrace that the entire city of Chicago is riding. 312 is in constant motion.”

::  Thanks to Nutcase Helmets for supplying the canvas. ::

On July 25, we’ll raffle this helmet off at our CHI bike design reveal party (held at Minimal) to benefit our bike advocacy partner, Working Bikes.