The Workshop

The City Helmet Series : SEA

Introducing the fourth helmet in our City Helmet Series, a collaboration with the artists of ARTCRANK. Each helmet is a one-of-kind, hand-painted design created exclusively for The Bike Design Project.

SEA-based Ellis Latham-Brown is the only true member of The Young Men’s Danger Club – a multidisciplinary graphic design and illustration shop. Ellis is a self trained designer and illustrator who prides himself on his ability tell a story through design in a direct and lighthearted fashion. He believes that the most effective design stems from a simple idea, a pinch of color voodoo, and most importantly a strong sense of craftsmanship.

“Seattle is a city rich in bike culture. It is wide spread as it is diverse. Every cyclist, no matter what has to deal with one brutal thing, hills. From the fixie to the commuter, these will inevitably have to deal with brutal inclines and speedy descents. Seattle is also notorious for being dingy and grey.  This could not be further from the truth. Seattle is a city rich in bright color, so I wanted to show that in this helmet. Simple typography with a cheeky name to represent Seattle cyclists.”

::  Thanks to Nutcase Helmets for supplying the canvas. ::

On July 25, we’ll raffle this helmet off at our SEA bike design reveal party (held at Axis Pioneer Square) to benefit our bike advocacy partner, Bike Works.