The Workshop

The City Helmet Series : SF

Introducing the third helmet in our City Helmet Series, a collaboration with the artists of ARTCRANK. Each helmet is a one-of-kind, hand-painted design created exclusively for The Bike Design Project.


SF-based Jessica Henry is an illustrator and designer. Through a variety of mediums, including pen and ink, acrylic, and watercolor, she creates highly detailed drawings and paintings. Her characters each have their own distinct personality and she does not always have control over who shows up to the party. She is inspired by curves and complexity, bright colors and clean lines. She likes to ride bikes and play practical jokes and will bake you a mean pie if you’re lucky.

“This helmet represents the fun, colorful, whimsical side of San Francisco. Hipster pigeons on bikes racing by SF’s signature painted ladies as the fog inevitably drifts in.”

::  Thanks to Nutcase Helmets for supplying the canvas. ::

On July 25, we’ll raffle this helmet off at our SF bike design reveal party (held at Lime Lab) to benefit our bike advocacy partner, Pedal Revolution/New Door Ventures.