Design Criteria

2014 Design Considerations

The Bike Design Project calls for functional design solutions, sound ideation and flawless execution of every design and engineering gesture.

True Functionality

A bike’s ability to perform well on, and be equipped for, the varying terrain of urban scenes is essential…
wet and dry asphalt, gravel, hills and stairs should all be easily navigable on or with the bike.

Design Execution

Quality of design, feature integration and final execution should be exceptional.

Integration: Individual design solutions and features should be integrated into a complete, harmonious aesthetic and functional whole, rather than a checklist of details. Each design element/feature should meld seamlessly with the entire bike.

Flexibility: Flexibility in features is highly encouraged.

Quality of Execution: Fabrication refinement and quality of execution should be evident
in each detail.

Aesthetics: Bikes should reflect fresh, new and original thought appropriate to a
modern audience. Bikes should visually attract viewers.

Mandatory Features

Without exception, all entry bikes must possess the following useful features:

Anti-Theft System: System should prove to be secure and easy to use.
Lighting System: System should aid rider vision and provide high visibility on the road.
Load-Carrying System: Entries should be able to carry a variety of loads through a variety
of conditions. System should accommodate a typical user load, such as a bag of groceries, commuter or gym bag, etc.
Free-standing Under Load System: Bike must free-stand under a variety of loads on a variety of surfaces.
Fender System: Fender system must keep bike and rider clean.
Road-tested: Bike should be road-ready and tested. The team-produced video should
include brief footage of the bike in motion on the road (including hills), carrying a load and in use during typical real-world scenarios.

True Innovation: The Heart of the Project

We desire genuinely unique, innovative, and valid solutions in:

  • Function
  • Material
  • Technology
  • Adaptability to different environments, situations and lifestyles


Our manufacturing partnership with Fuji Bikes is an important contribution to our core
mission. Design a bike that will blow our minds AND be relevant, covetable and produceable for today’s consumer. Design a bike we’ll want to ride!

Design Criteria
Design Criteria